One comment on “At Starbucks, $2.17 is worth more than 7 years

  1. I was also fired in a similar manner, yearsssss ago. Back then I didn’t get that I was wrongfully terminater, but the older, wiser me knows. I loved my job. One day I was told to report to corporate before coming to work. I thought that we would be discussing my hopes of moving to a store closer to my place of residence. Instead once I got there I was sat at a table with 5 other people. They started sifting through paperwork asking me why I had so many line voids. I mentioned that I was new and still learning. I also let them know that I didn’t know my voids were an issue, because no one had mentioned it to me. They kept hounding, ‘You voided a transaction on May 6th at 3:25 pm. Why? Also on this day. You rang up 5 coffees voided it out and rang up 4. Why” They also said that a co-worker said they saw me pocket money one day. I’m telling them well it had to have been MY money. I was literally at a lost for words at the rashness of the whole meeting. After it was all said and done, they informed me that they were letting me go.

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