2 comments on “EGYPT – Net Tightens Around Mubarak Cronies

  1. Dear Wobblygoblin Blogger,
    I came across your post via socialmention.com while searching for new about Ahmed El Maghrabi – Former Housing Minister of Egypt. As a fellow blogger, we share the same ethical code of relaying facts in matters pertaining to public info. As a close observer of the situation, I am quite surprised to read your claim of el Maghrabi’s cries on innocence from behind bars – where, may I ask, did you get this intel.
    I invite you to consider the facts before spreading the rumors. Here’s a link to a complete database from news clippings, videos, and documents about Ahmed El Maghrabi – http://www.realitycheckegypt.com (until the site is up, I kindly ask you to revert to our social networks as laid out on our site).
    I hope you will consider sharing your feedback based on the facts showcased and I’d be more than happy to answer your respective questions.
    Thank you

    • This story came from IPS News, a service I trust. Just because he claims to be innocent doesn’t make him so, as I’m sure you are aware. The article simply reports his words, and does not imply in any way whether or not he is guilty.
      As for the “rumors,” his claims of innocence are fact. His actual innocence will be up to the courts of Egypt to decide.
      It is the position of this blog that most higher-level officials in any totalitarian regime are guilty by association. If I find factual errors, I am quick to correct them as regular readers of this blog can attest.

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