2 comments on “Wisconsin – War Declared on State Workers

  1. Thank you for posting what I wrote during the beginning of the protests in Wisconsin. I would like to say that it was never my intention to imply that there were no other options beyond legality, but rather than given the quick control the Democrat machine asserted over the situation that legality and voting would be the only avenues taken by the movement itself in its current state. I myself supported the slogan of a General Strike. Not a one day “General Strike” like the European unions occasionally have but a general strike as in a mass strike of workers.

    I saw the students and teachers walkout from the local high school in my neighborhood in Madison and the fact that they could organize this really put to shame the rest of what passes for the left.

    It seems more to me now that the moment has passed and the Democrat faction has asserted control. The parade of left figures coming to make speeches seemed largely a means of pacification while the unions started by accepting all the concessions demanded in favor of retaining the defense of their seat at the bargaining table. This was to be expected of course. It took everything the unions and the democrats had to exhaust this movement and dissolve it into electoral politicking.

    Despite all this, it is hard for me to describe the spirit of the workers there in the tens of thousands for a month was something never seen before in my life and none of the older people I knew had ever seen such a thing even during the Vietnam War protests. People would come down to the protests just to break out of the isolation they felt and recharge and go away feeling better about our fellow workers everywhere, at least in their honest desire to fight back against this.

    Basically I came out with this article because something had to be written and disseminated. I managed to alert as many workers, friends and family that I knew that this was coming down as soon as the last contract was shot down in the fall by two democrat party legislators.

    Thanks again for reposting this. -Pantaloons/ASm-

    • No problem, thanks for writing it. Don’t be too quick to write off the energy and radicalism of the rank-and-file. They have been incensed, and I believe that many more people are looking critically at class and how it affects the management of society. If that class consciousness can be awakened nationally, we will see real trouble for the Democratic party, who will be forced either to abandon completely their “party of workers” branding, or suffer a massive shake-up within their ranks that could prompt a move towards left-ish populism. This could also occur within the business union establishment as well, as there was a definite radical current among the rank-and-file in Wisconsin, rejecting both Walker’s blatant union-busting and any concessions to the state. My own hope is that we will, at the very least, see an increase in radical labor and community organizing nationwide. GovCorp took a century and a half to build, we won’t destroy it in a month.

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