3 comments on “Class War in Michigan – Rick Snyder’s Fuzzy Logic

  1. this is exactly why it’s a bad idea to teach the poor to read! how are they supposed to just go along with the herd if you keep bringing up the ugly truth?

  2. Governor Rick Snyder says, …. if workers see no “value” in unions they should not have to pay union dues.
    Oh! Happy Day for those workers who are attracted, not to those employment opportunities in a low wage job, but they do see this “value” in an employment opportunity making a good living wage, not having to pay their fair share in union representation. Not one penny, in recognition of the livable wage he or she is about to receive, and acknowledging some support for what unions fought for, and who will continue to fight for, health benefits, safe working conditions, retirement benefits, a living wage, worker representation.
    Realizing the “value” choice these workers made, with good safe working conditions and benefits, they can now feel secure in stable wages, and now, maybe for the first time, or in a long while, being able to feed and care for their families. Being able to purchase those things that a living wage offers. Living the American dream. Perhaps now, being able to put a down payment on a home? Being able to sleep at night. All this because he or she made the right “value” choice and decided to rather than take a job opportunity with lower wages, with no benefits, no value, these workers realize without too much thought, there is “value” in a union environment, and with no union participation whatsoever to support the very environment that choices in what “value” offers. One which fosters good working conditions now, and into the future. The other without.
    The worker choosing “value“, Governors Snyder’s cryptic observation, one would think the worker be responsive, to play fair. But “right to work” is not about what’s fair.
    One then wonders, why is the police and fire unions exempt? Why not make this Governor Snyder“value” thing fair for everybody while we are destroying unions? Where is this “equal protection” of Article 1 of the Michigan Constitution speaks of?
    The argument that “right to work” is a solution to unemployment levels, really? Right to work state employment levels have absolutely not a thing to do with a worker’s right to work! How does ones work or “right to work” effect overall employment if either the business or the state is unable to attract new business? A worker has no control of this. What should matter to the worker, given his or her opportunity, responsibility and abilities, is the participation and contribution towards the process of obtaining better working conditions. Letting others contribute and make life easier in order to provide a living wage for you and your family is not “right to work” but is what is now, as some consider the 47% solution.
    Corporations lobby their political allies in Congress and state legislatures to oppose and destroy unions in order to dictate what’s best for the worker. To make the worker subordinate in order to profit off of worker low wages poor working conditions that this would bring. Is this not the argument rather than the unemployment issue? “Right to work”, is not…workers rights!
    To subordinate that very same worker who, if not for his labor, his labor down on the factory floor making the product, these companies would not see the profits that they enjoy. There would be no company.
    My advice to those who this applies to, you make that job choice, but when you go to bed at night, before you fall asleep, think about your “values“ in not supporting those others who sacrificed and made it possible for you to enjoy and benefit in what your choice in “values” has made possible. Have a good sleep.

    You will not see workers rights in “right to work”.

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