2 comments on “Latino Chipotle workers speak out after mass immigration firings in Minnesota

  1. Boohoo, the workers broke the law and they got caught. That happens. Maybe you shouldn’t break the law if you don’t want it happening to you.

    When Guatemalan illegal immigrants into Mexico are caught, they are jailed and deported without delay, by the way. This is one Mexican practice we could do well to imitate.

    • So what would you propose should be the penalty for the company? As this incident so plainly shows, the “law” usually is only applied to the poor, much as in other similar situations. If American businesses weren’t so eager to exploit immigrant workers who lack even the limited protections citizens enjoy, this “problem” would be much smaller. You are also conveniently ignoring the US role in creating the conditions within Mexico and elsewhere that workers feel compelled to flee from.
      It is the position of this blog that no human being is ever “illegal,” and that all people have the right to seek to better their material situation, regardless of whether or not they happened to be born on the “wrong” side of any arbitrary border.

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