4 comments on “Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP’s Aftermath

    • It’s not crazy, really. When you look carefully at what the real role of the corporate media is, namely to protect the systems that it serves, then it makes perfect sense, as does nearly every policy decision taken by GovCorp. The system needs the general population to believe that the Gulf tragedy is over, that the oil is gone and that everything is business as usual. The reality, as we see with a bit of scrutiny, is somewhat different. When you start examining the entire spectrum of GovCorp policy and how the media covers it, i.e. what is covered and what is suppressed, what you find is deliberate disinformation on a truly mind-bending scale. It really is very much like “The Matrix,” a system of near total informational control, at least to the typical American observer. As long as elite opinion serves the state/corporate combine, the media will serve it’s role as house organ for it’s masters. Same as it ever was.

      • Of course it isn’t right, but it’s the normal operation of the system. Thus the logical and moral conclusion is that since the system is obviously profoundly dysfunctional, than the obvious solution is to dismantle the system. But that is not a doctrinally acceptable opinion. I wonder what level of suffering by the general population will be required before people stop drinking the kool-aid and decide to revolt against GovCorp and to create a truly free and democratic society, without the menace and injustice of the state/corporate combine. Revolution needs to return as a socially acceptable concept, and I do not mean the “tea party” type of ersatz revolution, but true and permanent democratization of every aspect of human existence.

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