One comment on “It Was Only A Matter Of Time…

  1. I too agree with you, that once again we have been manipulated by a smooth talking fresh face. With all the hopes,dreams and optimistic visions of a better future for our country. I listened eagerly to the inauguration speech of Mr. Obama and prayed along with my more outspoken spouse that maybe just maybe we would have a president who would not go back on his promises. We began with trepidation in our hearts, and now once again have seen the fallen promises of another president. We move through this presidency the same as the last. THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE MIDDLE CLASS IS NO MORE. We see so many struggles with poverty in our own country, and education being cut, the cost of health care on the rise. We the people of AMERICA THE GREAT need to unite and demand that our needs be met. Our children are being left with an economy in dire peril. Stand up and fight for you, me and our future. THE TIME FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL IS NOW, NOT LATER.

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